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Protecting your health through immunisations

Optima Health offers prison and probation staff occupational immunisations to help protect them from communicable diseases including flu and Hepatitis B.

All Prison Officers are offered immunisation against Hep B. Immunisations are provided on-site at prison establishments through dedicated clinics arranged by our Occupational Health provider, Optima Health. Optima Health will contact prison establishments directly to gather the data needed to arrange immunisations for staff. Optima Health securely handle this data to organise immunisation clinics. Optima Health proactively contact prisons to arrange Hep B clinics for eligible employees.

National Probation Service Residential Workers in Approved Premises are offered Hep B vaccines offsite clinics on the high street by a third party supplier called MASTA. Probation staff eligible for the vaccine should be referred through the OH Portal by their line manager. Once referred, employees can call a dedicated number to arrange an appointment suitable for them at their nearest MASTA clinic centre.

Optima Health offer flu vaccines to prison staff in prisons. Lloyds Pharmacy, through a partnership with Optima Health, offer flu vaccines to NPS approved premises staff in their pharmacies on the high street.

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